Pawan Pandey

Pawan Pandey

Pawan Pandey

My name is Pawan Pandey, I am 40 years old.

I was born in a city of northern India called Prayag (currently known as Allahabad).

I have finished my studies as an electronics engineer and an accountant,

I’ve worked as an accountant, teacher, therapist and coach.

I was introduced to yoga in my early childhood. I have always been attracted to yoga; as a result, 15 years ago I left everything (my home, family, friends, job etc.) and started a journey as a monk for the search of real yoga. I travelled long distance by foot across India and stayed in valley of Himalayas for several years practicing yoga.

After gaining control over my body and mind, I came back and started teaching yoga and holistic way of life to people of India.

I have 12 years of experience as a yoga teacher.

In 2011 I settled in Poland and since then I’ve been working as a yogi.

My hobby is walking and bicycling, learning languages and doing yoga.

I am a vegetarian. I love cows and want to keep a cow as a pet in my garden.